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The Association of Chief Police Officers advised that £20 billion is lost through weaknesses exploited in corporate information security


  • 70% of UK organisations have been hit by at least 1 data breachfilecabinet
  • In July 2009, the Financial Services Authority levied a record fine of £3.2 million on a high street bank after they lost sensitive information… twice
  • Companies House recently reported up to 100 cases of corporate identity fraud occur every month
  • 32% of employees discard confidential information into their waste paper bins
  • 40% of businesses risk their clients identities by throwing away sensitive customer information without due care – including home addresses, phone numbers and passport copies.
  • In a survey of British workers, 58% would take confidential data to help negotiate a new job
  • And 48% have already started to do so…


79% of businesses make no effort to destroy the sensitive material that they throw away or are preparing to recycle

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